What Should I Read Next? Part 2

It has been awhile since I revisited the age old question, what should I read next? Between work and school, finding time to read for pleasure can be tough, but the holidays provide some much needed down time to catch up. While none of these books are hot off the press, they were all fantastic reads, and I highly recommend giving them a chance.



If you liked

Supernatural + CSI = Read “The Harry Dresden Series”


What it is: Harry Dresden is a wizard in present day Chicago, and he isn’t hiding. He makes a living by assisting the police in their investigations of the in-explainable, but finds himself tied up in dramatic scenes with vampires, demons, and faeries time and time again. His Dean-like sarcasm saves him more times than I can count, but that doesn’t keep me from wondering what will finally be the thing that knocks him out.

Why you should read it: Television often comes between me and my “what should I read next?” list, but not this time. There was a poorly adapted television series made in 2007, don’t bother watching it. This is as close as you can get to a Supernatural book series, and it’s truly quite fantastic. Harry is a love-able dope, who you simultaneously want to punch in the face at least once per chapter. And with 17 books to date, it will keep you filled with adventure for quite some time.




If you liked

Harry Potter + John Green Books + Fan Fiction = Read “Fangirl”

What should I read next? FangirlWhat it is: I read Fangirl at the utter behest of my sister, and I’m still not entirely certain that this isn’t the story of her life. It follows the story of Cath, an introverted twin who is BIG in the online fanfiction world. She and her sister write fanfic about Simon Snow, a vampire wizard who went to a magical school (Sound familiar?). Now Cath and her sister Wren are on their way to college, but Wren has told her she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath, is on her own and feeling rather lost. The story follows her experiences in college, figuring out how to manage roommates, boys, and not lose sight of her #1 man, Simon.

Why you should read it: It’s pretty much one of the cutest stories I have read to date. It feels strongly like a John Green novel (quirky girl meets fabulous boy, has to deal with rebellious roommate and popular sister), but truly in the best of ways. In my mind, I feel it is pretty obvious that Simon Snow took some creative hints from Harry Potter, and I love that Cath writes about Simon as a queer character even though she does not experience those feelings herself. If you’re an introvert, or have ever written fanfic, I would highly recommend picking up this novel





If you liked

Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Veronica Mars = Read “Rebel Belle”What should I read next? Rebel Belle

What it is: Harper Prince is a stereotypical southern teenage bell. She’s a lot chatty, a little prissy and preparing for Homecoming and her debutante ball (Did anyone else think those died along with hoop skirts?). That is until she becomes a Paladin. That’s right, a evil fighting, supernatural, general badass paladin. To make it even better, she discovers all of this at her homecoming dance, and proceeds to have an intense battle in her high school. What follows is a comical quirky story of high school and heroism. Harper has to learn how to balance her ball gowns while saving the world.

Why you should read it: If you loved Buffy, you’re big enough to admit you didn’t love it for it’s high quality special effects. While it certainly has aged, it was never known for being a deep work of art. It made you laugh, want to pick up a martial arts form, and sometimes made you think. Rebel Belle accomplishes the same thing, and while I don’t think it is some great work of literature, it’s certainly entertaining.  




If you liked

X-Men + Fallout = Read “Shatter Me”

What should I read next? Shatter MeWhat it is: Juliette is locked away in prison due to her supernatural abilities. These abilities allow her to kill a person with just a touch. Ever since her powers have come to be, she has been scorned, hated, and feared because of them. Her family shunned her, and now the Restablishment has imprisoned for a crime she never meant to commit. She hasn’t touched anyone in almost a year… and then, without warning, a new prisoner is put into her cell with her. Do they expect her to kill them? Should she fear him? Juliette quickly learns the world is not the same as she once thought, and her purpose is much bigger than she ever imagined.

Why you should read it: “Shatter Me” was written from a unique first person perspective. The majority of the book is read as Juliette’s diary. There are many times where it shows sentences crossed out, as if Juliette was ashamed of them. It’s a really unique reading experience, and I enjoyed the thrill of never knowing what was coming next. The book is also set in a very dismal dystopian universe, much like fallout. Shatter Me is a story about survival and superhumans with a lot of heart.

Shannon Bee

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