Supernatural 12.07 “Rock Never Dies” Top 5

I love when the Boys team up with Cas and Crowley. It was a certainly a treat to have all four of them working together on a common goal this episode. They work together to get closer to capturing Lucifer, trying ultimately to put him back in the cage. Dean and Sam are summoned out to Los Angeles to help the dynamic duo of Cas and Crowley on their mission. There was certainly small but great, warm moment, some funny moments, and more of Sam being the moral compass. Here are my top 5 moments from “Rock Never Dies.”

5. Dean playing games with Mary

Dean playing games with Mary

It’s just a quick moment in the beginning of the episode, but Dean is playing Words with Friends on his phone against Mary. Dean plays the word “twerking,” which Mary can’t believe is an actual word. Sam thinks that because Mary didn’t even know what a cell phone was a few weeks ago, that she was at a disadvantage. But she plays “squelch” for a whole bunch of points. I absolutely loved seeing this little interaction and you could see the happiness in Dean’s face. Happy Dean makes me happy.

4. The boys’ outfits

Sam and Dean's outfits

I have to give massive amount of credit to whoever it was that made the choice for the boys’ outfits for their “LA” look.  Chuck bless them. Sam and Dean both looked incredible. Can you call this a moment?…maybe not. But it was definitely a highlight of the episode, at least for me.


3. Lucifer is angry at God

Lucifer has been going on a little bit of a rampage lately. He’s become dangerous, even more so than he was before. When confronted about why he’s been killing people and demanding attention and adoration, he finally confesses the root cause; he’s angry with Chuck. Lucifer said that God had finally apologized for abandoning him. He must have felt that God meant it and was truly sorry. It must have been what he was waiting for, all this time. Because next, he says “What is the very next thing God does?” God’s next move was disappearing with Amara, abandoning Lucifer and everyone else yet again.

A Lucifer that is hurt is not a good thing.

2. Sam’s Speech

Sam as the moral compass

Sam’s speech at the end of the episode was beautiful. Dean called what had happened a win. Sam has to remind him that a lot of people died at Lucifer’s hands. Vince is dead. Lucifer left Vince’s body, and they have no idea where he went off to this time. In his speech, Sam reminds them that they can’t really call that a win. Instead, he says that they’re just losing slowly. Once again, Sam is charged with keeping the boys (and Cas (NOT Cass) and Crowley) on some moral ground, reminding them that losing any lives is not a win. They are in this life to save people.

With this show being in its 12th season, it has continued to grow and push boundaries and get more ostentatious as we’ve gone along. It’s really nice that we still have some reminders along the way of the reason the boys are in it. Having Sam make sure that the boys aren’t jaded is really important for them. I like that they keep doing this.

  1. Lucifer has no plan

As Sam tells us, “Lucifer is dangerous enough when he had a plan. Now he’s just having fun.” It seems that being abandoned has left Lucifer feeling like nothing has a purpose. Nothing matters; Heaven and Hell, Earth and every day life. Nothing matters. So, this emboldens Lucifer to go out and do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He doesn’t care anymore. They took a long time to track Lucifer down to Vince’s body as the vessel. But at the end of this episode, he abandons Vince’s body. Who knows where he’s going this time? How long will it take them to track him down? What kind of damage and mayhem while he cause until then? Lucifer on the loose is a terrifying prospect.

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