The Walking Dead 7.07 “Sing Me a Song” Top 5

Negan and Carl at Sanctuary

Another 90-minute episode of The Walking Dead. Carl finally encounters Negan and we see how he fares. Rick and Aaron are off on an adventure. Spencer continues to be flippant in his hatred for Rick. Rosita shames Eugene. And Michonne is off on a mission all by herself. Everyone seems to be scattered. A scattered crew is not going to help in defeating or appeasing Negan. Here are my top 5 moments from “Sing Me a Song.”

5. Michonne’s plan

Michonne out on her missionMichonne has gone off by herself. We see her walking down the road, whistling along. She’s purposely attracting walkers to her, cutting their faces in half, and dragging them down the road…while still whistling. What is she up to?

Later on in the episode, we see a lady driving down the road. She encounters a barrier, a pile of walkers blocking the whole road. When she gets out to inspect what is going on, Michonne sneaks up on her. Michonne makes her give up her knife and her gun. Then at gun point, Michonne tells this lady to take her to Negan.

This lady stupidly tries to mess with Michonne, and loses. Obviously. So, Michonne is on her way to the Sanctuary.

4. Spencer is still a jerk

SpencerThis week, Spencer and Gabriel go out on a mission together. Spencer makes it sound like he’s willing to go scavenging to find stuff for Negan because that’s what Rick says that they need to do but when Spencer and Gabriel get out on the road, Spencer seems to use it as a “confessional.” He asks Gabriel about sinning and then confesses to hating Rick; he thinks that he can do better than Rick has. Even more ridiculous, is that he says that the best thing for Alexandria would be if Rick went out on his mission and never came back.

At this, Gabriel has the greatest reaction ever. He tells Spencer “What you said doesn’t make you a sinner, but it does make you a massive shit. Just for now. It doesn’t have to be terminal,” then he has Spencer stop the car and he gets out to walk back to Alexandria.

Spencer goes off and finds a hunter walker in the woods and gets a bow and arrow, a knife, and a whole bunch of canned goods.

It’s still unclear what has happened to Gabriel and I hope we find that out in next week’s midseason finale.

3. Rosita and Eugene

Rosita is determined to have Eugene make her a bullet. When they finally reach the shop that Eugene had found a long while ago, Eugene has finally thought it through and refuses to make the bullet for her. He is scared of Negan and the consequences that they or others might have to pay if the Saviors discover they have a bullet and a gun now or they actually use it. In a speech, a little reminiscent of Abraham’s to Eugene in this very same shop, Rosita shames Eugene and calls him a coward.

After the degradation, Eugene steps up and makes the bullet. Rosita has a gun. She now has a bullet and when they get back to Alexandria, Negan happens to be there. This could spell some big trouble for someone. Will Rosita actually go after Negan if she has the chance?

2. Sing Me a Song

Sing Me a Song

Carl has made it on that truck into the Sanctuary. He grabbed a gun and some ammo and killed 2 of Negan’s men; a tiny retribution for Glenn and Abraham. When confronted by Negan, Carl stands tall and mighty against him. I can’t tell if Carl is stupid or brave; maybe a little of both. The scenes between Negan and Carl were quite brilliant. Their dynamic is interesting and fun to watch. Negan is big and intimidating and has the respect of hundreds of people in the Sanctuary, but he can’t get Daryl to kneel to him or Carl to back down.

That is until they are alone and Negan once again has Lucille at his side. With Lucille around, Carl actually seems a little scared. With Negan up and walking around, taking practice swings with Lucille, it’s clear that he can do whatever he wants, that Carl is going to obey. So, he makes Carl sing him a song. Carl chooses to sing “You Are My Sunshine.” This is a strange and terrifying moment in this dynamic.

  1. Negan and Judith

Negan and Judith

In an episode in which a man got his face burnt by an iron, the moment that I thought was actually the hardest to watch was when Negan finally discovered Judith and he picked her up! At the end of the episode, we see Carl out on the porch of his house with Negan there, holding Judith. It’s weird and creepy. Knowing what Negan is capable of, it’s a little gut wrenching.

With all of the bad-ass-ness that we’ve seen from Carl in this episode, with how fearless he has seemed, it becomes evident that Carl is petrified when Negan finds Judith. It’s like the one thing in the world that he couldn’t stand to lose.

It was an emotionally charged scene to watch.

With the mid-season finale coming up next week, it will be interesting to see what transpires of our broken group members.

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