Sherlock 4.02 “The Lying Detective” Top 5

Coming off of a mixed reaction from Sherlock fans last week, let us take a look at how things fared in the second episode of season four with the ‘The Lying Detective’ and my top five. Early fan reports are again clashing, with some overjoyed, shouting that the show has returned to form, while others are still unhappy with the direction. For this viewer, the emotions and feels were strong, along with many outstanding moments. This created a happy challenge to narrow it down to five top moments. There are certainly numerous honorable mentions, one of which could be titled, “Get It, Lady Smallwood!”


Okay, that is kind of click-bait-esque. Mary is definitely still very much dead, but is back in spectral form. Mrs. Watson is not only a representation of John’s struggle with her death, but acts as something of his conscious. It was a nice surprise to be able to still see Mary after her sacrifice to save Sherlock in ‘The Six Thatchers’. Will we see her again? Or has John finally started to move on? I suppose it’s wrong to hope Watson clings to her, but Mary will be missed.



Granted, he didn’t reach Charles Augustus Magnussen gross factor, but Culverton Smith certainly showed us a decent level of ‘ick’. While making our skin crawl, Toby Jones proves once again why he is one of the best there is at playing villains. Watching his face fall as he realizes Sherlock outwitted him was a true delight. I have to question whether the Trump comparisons were purposeful, coincidental, or I am perhaps reading into things.



Sherlock once said, “Mrs. Hudson leave Baker St.? England would fall.” Those words proved to not be mere sentiment as Mrs. Hudson threw government agents out of her home, put Mycroft in his place and outwitted Sherlock himself. Mrs. Hudson in fact pulled the wool over the audiences eyes. Just as soon as you feel sorry and protective of a feeble old woman, Mrs. Hudson proves to be in full command of the situation and you have walked right into her trap.

To top it off, she tore through the streets of London in her Aston Martin, making her a possible new recruit for Fast and the Furious 14.




When Watson’s therapist mentioned an ‘east wind’, my jaw dropped and a loud, “son of a b!#@%!” escaped from me. What a swerve. Sherrinford played Watson, Sherlock and the audience at home. While her manipulation of Watson is textbook, there were some tender moments between Sherlock and Sherrinford. Is Sherrinford jealous of Sherlock and Watson’s bond? Or was it her ‘playing the game’ just like her brothers? Brilliant subtle changes of hair, eyes and demeanor hid Sherrinford in plain sight of the fans. The writing again practically told us the end by Sherlock using those very words, ‘hide in plain site’.
“Did you miss me?” We certainly did. Well done.



In a series that specializes in emotionally devastating moments, it’s arguable that this scene pulled at the heartstrings more than any other. Seeing John Watson finally, truly break was difficult. The tears flowed from Martin Freeman’s eyes and our hearts shattered for him. Then there was the look of genuine concern from Sherlock. My eyes already welling up in tears, I desperately wanted Holmes to comfort Watson. And yet, there was that feeling of dread, knowing full-well that witnessing such tenderness from the detective would send me into an emotional fetal position. Then it happened. And it did.

Thank you for reading! Please join us next week for the season finale of Sherlock season four, The Final Problem! Will it end again with a gunshot?


Brian Dowling
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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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