Supergirl 2.09 “Supergirl Lives” Top 5

So long hiatus, and welcome back Supergirl! This week’s return sent our heroine into space, in an episode that I have heard referred to as having a ‘Doctor Who flair to it’. Being not the biggest Whovian, (I only have seen a handful of episodes, don’t hurt me!) I will let those better informed be the judge. Fans were looking forward to this one, not only due to the show’s return but being that it was directed by nerd guru, Kevin Smith. Mr. Smith has a storied history with Kryptonians, as this episode was based on a scrapped movie idea, Superman Lives.  Let us get into my top five moments!


Sure, you didn’t need telescopic-vision to see this twist coming. But it was nice to see a reason why Mon-El has been walking around like a privileged punk. He’s royalty. He has never done anything for himself, did not understand work-ethic nor does he comprehend Kara’s selflessness. Here is where one of Kara’s intangible ‘powers’ come into play: Her ability to inspire. At the end of the episode, we see a Mon-El who ‘wants a suit’. Perhaps this is a step towards him becoming the man who is a pivotal member of the Legion of Superheroes.


Kara has (thankfully) stressed that is not the powers that makes the hero, but your choices. I could write a thesis about why I am so joyful at this running theme throughout this show, as it is SO INTEGRAL to the core of Kara and her cousin, but I should stay focused here. Kevin had to remove both her and Mon-El’s powers for this episode to work, as a fully powered Supergirl alone would have clocked this episode in around 3 minutes. Instead of the ol’ Kryptonite routine, Smith went the route of the red sun. This put Kara and Mon-El in mortal danger, allowing them to showcase true heroism.


I realize that this title was low-hanging fruit and likely used to death, but I had to do it. Winn has been seeing some issues as he steps out onto the field and away from the relative safety of his desk. He is not handling things very well after a close-shave and being saved by The Guardian. But with some inspiration by Alex (see next top moment for more details) Winn dusts himself off, leaves for the alien planet and knocks an alien out, declaring himself a bad ass. While we can’t relate to defeating an alien in hand-to-hand combat, (probably?) we can identify with him overcoming his fear and finally getting that ‘win’.


Powers or no, these two continue to exemplify what true heroism looks like. Sapped of her strength by the red sun, Kara still refuses to allow Roulette’s guards to take them away, receiving some powerful electrical shocks for her trouble. This act of defiance inspires the other prisoners to rise up against their captors and make a break for it. Meanwhile, Alex is saving the day all over the place. Alien planet with the odds against her? Cool story, bro. Her sister is there, hence Alex is on her way. Meanwhile, she gets Winn off of his butt and tells him that it is okay to be afraid, that so was she on her first missions.  Her talk with Winn reminded me of a favorite quote, “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is fear’s presence with the will to go on.”


Since Snapper Carr first walked into CatCo, he has been a spiky, callous, condescending jerk. The episode started off with his lack of feels in full blast, showing absolute zero empathy nor sympathy for a distraught mother looking for her daughter, Izzy Williams. While Kara is…well… Supergirl, she promises to help find the missing daughter. Snapper objects, calling this woman’s despair to be, “not newsworthy”. I think that there was a lot of fans waiting for that moment when we see Snapper show a glimmer of humanity. That yes, Snapper Carr does want Kara to succeed. Was the moment a cliche when it came? Yes. Did it make it any less wonderful? Not one bit. So often, superhero fans live for those cliches. They are reassuring and inspirational. Towards the end of the episode, Kara declared the kind of reporter she wants to be to Snapper, by following her heart. While Kara didn’t see it, Snapper smiled as she left. He also quietly said, “Atta girl, Danvers”, which warmed my heart. Here’s hoping Kara did not have her super-hearing in use as their current banter should stay where it is at, in my opinion.

*Honorable Mention: Sun Grenade!


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Brian Dowling
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