Supergirl 2.10 “We Can Be Heroes” Top 5

We’re back for more Supergirl and also the return of Livewire! She hasn’t been seen since the immensely popular Supergirl/Flash crossover episode. Does she have anything shocking in store for us? Anyone? Shocking… get it? Nevermind. This episode also gave us another glimpse at Mars, more awkward Kara/Mon-El moments and Team Guardian steps up to the Girl of Steel.




Alright, they didn’t actually fight. But the inevitable disagreement happened as Kara discovered James is the Guardian and is none too pleased about it. While the argument seemed a bit forced, as the James/Guardian angle itself has been viewed by some fans, it has provided a new and interesting character dynamic. Now the dialogue shifts between Kara and James from a love that can’t be realized to a hero debate. Are repressed romantic feelings the root of Kara’s disapproval? Perhaps. But the change of interactions between the two is refreshing.


The show has been doing great work taking on prejudice this season. This week’s episode did not hold back as we saw J’onn immovable in his anger towards M’Gann, saying. “I will not share my daughter’s memories…” Further complicating things is that J’onn recognizes the fact that he should let go of his hatred.  Eventually after some guidance from Alex reminding J’onn that M’Gann has done nothing but good things, he decides to share his mind with her. This lead to a powerfully emotional scene between J’onn and M’Gann. Can we please get J’onn some Oreos?


Due to a mad scientist, this episode brought us a duplicate Livewire for our heroes to face. But to me, the real story isn’t the character but the actor behind it. It is none other than Jessie Graff, Melissa Benoist’s stunt woman. She was the first woman ever to complete Stage One of the Las Vegas Finals course and the second woman to defeat Stage 1 of the Sasuke franchise. I was just tickled that she got a chance to shine and had to include it in the Top 5.


Ever since I was little, I loved when the bad guys worked with heroes. It has been interesting to me ever since and I absolutely adore a redemption story-arch. While that isn’t necessarily playing out here, seeing Supergirl and Livewire briefly cooperate to bring down the evil scientist was fun. Kara may have lamented earlier about having a nemesis, but she may grow to appreciate this one.


It wasn’t until I sat to write this that I truly realized how much I enjoyed Livewire in the episode. She had so many enjoyable moments and great lines, I probably could have had her be the entire Top 5. (Except for Jessie Graff’s spot.) So what did I enjoy? Pointing out the boys ineptitude and calling Supergirl an ‘actual superhero’. She made fun of Mon-El’s outfit, saying that his ‘Cosplay sucks’. (He did kind of look like a thrown-together Cyclops.) And, “Just us girls next time?”, again razzing on the guys and a hint at a not-so-deadly rivalry between her and Supergirl.

All in all, another highly enjoyable episode. I’m not sold on the impending potential Kara/Mon-El romance. To be fair I do not know where I sit in regards to Mon-El period. There is something about him that I don’t like. Perhaps my thoughts are clouded by wanting more Kara and Clark working together and seeing him as a shoddy replacement. Maybe I just want Kara and James to be together. It could be all of the above. Time will tell if he grows on me, he does have some great lines.

Honorable mention: Mon-El calling James a “professionally handsome desk person.”


Brian Dowling
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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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