Supergirl 2.12 ‘Luthors’ Top 5

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I have been excited about this Supergirl episode all week! We got the Luthors! All of them! (kinda) Alongside them,  we got more Metallo and Cyborg Superman! I know, he’s Henshaw. But I will call him Cyborg Superman for reasons of nostalgia. They teased us with Lex’s suit, would we get to see more of it (and perhaps in action some time)? Plus there was additional awkward Kara/Mon-El stuff. Because we need more of that! The previous sentence would have been in ‘sarcastic’ font, were it to exist. Top 5, let’s get it going!



With another week comes more ‘will they/won’t they become a couple for Kara and Mon-El. Kara is becoming about as transparent as Wonder Woman’s plane with regards towards her feelings for “Mike”. And bless Chris Wood’s heart, he is delivering great dialogue that is endearing Kara to Mon-El and likely most of the audience. I am just still not on board. But that is not due to Mr. Wood whose performance is not the problem. Hence I felt he deserves a slot in the top five again.


Any appearance from a main baddie of the rogues gallery from our favorite Kryptonians is likely to earn a shout out. Especially when it is as enjoyable as Frederick Schmidt’s incarnation of Metallo. He is in full-fledged Luthor fanatic mode, and those Kryptonite beams are blasting away.  Here’s hoping that this Metallo has that whole reconfiguration ability-type-thing.



The show delivers on more feels by under playing an internal “big reveal” between characters. Alex and Maggie were meeting the team to ‘out’ themselves as a couple. To which, the team basically responded with an, “oh cool!”. J’onn knew all along, but “wasn’t his place” to say anything, and Mon-El is baffled as to why it is a thing. It was topical, treated as normal, and wasn’t belabored. They stuck the landing.


I will hit this drum to an annoying degree, but I cannot stress how much I love seeing Kara Zor-El be unapologetically good. Kara believes in people and will stand up for her friends. Even when some of her closest allies do not agree with her. Amidst the perpetually sad/emo/dramatic atmosphere of DC films, Supergirl remains a shining beacon of hope and light. Kara remained steadfast next to Lena Luthor despite all others being ready to believe she is just like her brother.


The development of Lena Luthor has been intriguing to say the least. The growing friendship between her and Kara has been of special note. Their kinship being an obvious contrast to Superman and Lex’s animosity is a clever and enjoyable spin.  The show explores how readily the whole team will damn Lena Luthor, disregarding Kara’s faith in her. I do not want Lena to be like her brother. I want her to be genuinely good. Then the show spun it back on me, casting doubt on those closing moments with Lena as she moved the chess pieces. Is she playing the long game and is a ‘genuine’ Luthor, or was she just missing old times with her brother? Years of being connected to the Superman-verse has made me doubtful now towards Lena. I’m no better than James. Let’s hope Lena is on our side.

Honorable mentions: Surprise Martian Manhunter save! Mr. Mxyzptlk?!? It’s about to get amazingly weird! (But seriously, the Superman fake-out was mean.)

Brian Dowling
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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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