Coming to us straight out of the 5th dimension, this was another episode I was excited about all week. I was quite curious as to how Mr. Mxyzptlk would be spun by the Supergirl writers, and I can say that I was not disappointed. Not only due to the fact that he interrupts a kiss happening between Kara and Mon-El, but there is no limit as to the mischief he can cause and I was pumped to see what he would do. But the episode wasn’t all fun and games, it took some poignant themes and snuck them in under a romcom guise. Time for the Top 5 from this week’s episode!


It is tremendous to me that the best love story and the most real relationship on the show is between Alex and Maggie. This time around we saw them grow as a couple again as what could have been a throw-away discussion about Valentine’s Day wound up with the two of them finding a deeper connection. Maggie revealed the true cause of her contempt for the ‘corporate holiday’, and allowed her feelings for Alex to help her transcend those horrible experiences. Now, they are able to create new ones together.


I am usually not a fan of puns, but I seriously cannot help myself when it comes to Team Supergirl’s tech guru. I’m not sorry. Anyways, it has been a joy to see Winn develop as a character this season. He could easily have been boxed-in as the constantly lovelorn nerd. He’s been breaking out of that and now with some gusto thanks to his new alien interest, Lyra. While intrigue abounds with her Starhaven origins, the real point here is the subtly introduced social commentary about alien/human dating. Upon their second date, Lyra appears nervous, meeting Winn at a restaurant saying, “They’re staring,” drawing instant parallels to inter-racial relationships. Winn replied, “Let them stare.” Lyra may have saved Winn in a bar room brawl, but Winn just might save Lyra’s heart.


This is getting a spot because now I feel more justified with my apprehension about Kara and Mon-El. I have not been able to get on board previously and this episode did nothing but reinforce those feelings. I do not understand how Kara is interested. Mon-El doubts her, has no faith and doesn’t trust her judgement. I tend to like cocky characters (i.e. Tony Stark) but ‘Mike’ just is not doing it for me. He treated Supergirl like a damsel in distress and is obnoxiously jealous. He is one of the least capable ‘heroes’ I have seen on the show and he dresses like movie Cyclops. And that ‘Kryptonite’ line needed to be cut. It was groan-worthy and I am still trying to get my eyes to roll back forwards.


Perhaps the writers felt more freedom this episode with Mr. Mxyptlk as the focal point, but I did not mind one bit. References truly abounded with Mxy singing ‘A Whole New World’, a reference to the ‘Brave and the Bold’ and a strong homage to ‘Hamilton’.  Later we saw Supergirl in her best Michael Keaton’s Batman, “You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts.” to an unforgettable and timely reference with Mr. Mxyzptlk calling Supergirl a “nasty woman”. I’m surprised that last one didn’t get a tweet response from some wannabe Lex Luthor.


Hey, if the Supergirl writers can make pop culture references, so can I. This one is apropos, as Mr. Mxyzptlk has since his debut in 1944, been largely a trickster. He has also mostly been portrayed in the comics as a tiny, balding old man in orange spandex. But this is the CW and being hot is a prerequisite, so the comic version was nixed for a suave and debonair version with Peter Gadiot. I have always been a fan of trickster characters, most recently Richard Speight Jr’s Gabriel from the CW’s ‘Supernatural’ and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Comparisons can be made to both, especially Gabriel but that may just be a CW thing. Gadiot’s Mxyzptlk was witty and charming, didn’t become less threatening but also gave a hint at the possibility of redemption. And that, is the perfect recipe for a great trickster. I hope to see him again soon.

Despite my obvious issues with the thrust-upon-us romance between Kara and Mon-El this was one of the most fun episodes for me this season. That is not including Supergirl and Superman scenes, which have a category all to themselves. Now we look onto next week, with more Cyborg Superman (Henshaw) and DEAN CAIN! (I’m not excited.)

Fun fact: In the live-action versions of Mr. Mxyzptlk, his name has never been pronounced the same.
Also, Peter Gadoit with long hair look disturbingly like Loki. Seriously.

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Brian Dowling
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