I truly love this show. It has been a symbol of hope, reverent to the core of the various characters and has been consistently on point with social issues. There is a ‘but’ on its way following those statements, which I imagine can be seen a mile away. And that was one of my main problems with last night’s episode. The ‘twist’ or the ‘big plot reveal’ was being played up as so obvious, it felt like there was no way that they were actually going to do it. Admittedly, I was (still kind of am) a huge proponent of Dean Cain becoming Cyborg Superman. Granted, that was not exactly what happened but the Cadmus betrayal felt like watching a magic trick happen while being able to see all the strings. Yet, there was plenty of great things and more than enough for a Top 5. Here we go!


The puns continue! How wonderful is it to see Winn in the position of giving relationship advice? Last week I spoke about his growth, that he had not been boxed into being the lovelorn, pining boy. This episode continued to showcase that character development. Not only is he seen to be quite happy with Lyra, he gives patently good advice to Mon-El about Kara without a whisper of envy. To paraphrase Winn, ‘Kara’s a bad ass. Shut up and listen to her.’


Alright. I really don’t get Kara and Mon-El. I have tried, but his antics this week pretty much solidified my feelings. I was almost on the fence about him, while previously I was considering the fence’s existence. Now the fence got knocked over as he blatantly disrespected Kara’s request for privacy and then was completely rude to Jeremiah Danvers. I don’t care that he was right about Jeremiah, Kara asked him to play nice. Finally, at the end of the episode Mon-El stops talking and is just there for Kara. While I feel Kara’s attraction to him is forced, he at least listened there at the end. We’ll see how long that lasts.


As I spoke about, his villainous(?) turn was the furthest thing from a surprise, but that is not why this is in my Top 5. This one is a personal touch as I have been a Superman fan since as long as I can remember. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cain at Colorado Springs Comic Con and to say I turned into a little boy overcome with giddiness would be an understatement. I first met him when he signed an old Lois & Clark TV Guide and I was with my adopted daughter. We chit-chatted a bit about how he was also adopted and we talked about how good it was to see him back in the Kryptonian-verse on Supergirl. He mentioned that he was going to be back on the show but wasn’t sure what they had in store for him. Finally seeing him back (and with more to come!) has been a real treat.


If you haven’t caught on to the fact that the writers, cast and crew of Supergirl are actively commentating on what is happening in current events, you are not paying attention. The ramifications and potential threats that arise from Cadmus getting a hold of the National Alien Registry easily draws comparisons to the controversial and highly protested Muslim registry. What was that giant ship-type-thing at the end with Lillian Luthor? Was it some kind of a Gulag for aliens? We may find out next week!


This is not to celebrate the fact that this character was brought to a breaking point. Although it is completely understandable. Alex had just got her father back, only to have him betray her and everyone she loves. No, this is to give my appreciation and respect to the actress who brings Alex Danvers to life, Chyler Leigh. Following the betrayal of her father, (and the fact that she let him go) Alex is first seen nursing a drink as Maggie comes home. While a concerned Maggie asks what is wrong, Alex eventually falls to pieces and it is heartbreaking to watch. Leigh made it real, raw and did not rush that moment. We all wanted to hug her and I was just thankful Maggie was there for her.

Yes, the episode had problems and there are a few things that are bugging me in retrospect. Such as Jeremiah’s cybernetic arm. Did J’onn not run a full body scan or is the tech so advanced it wasn’t detected? Perhaps that will be revealed next week with more Dean Cain!

**Bonus Item** This is me in one of the happiest moments of my nerd life. Also, he remembered us both, my kid and me from the previous day. He asked me to “take care of that girl”.

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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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