Taking a Look at a Popular Beauty and the Beast Fan Theory

We’ve all heard the fan theory about the Beast that was making the internet rounds a few years back. You know the one I’m talking about. Where the Enchantress is actually a psycho who curses a child for not letting a stranger into his house?

The entire basis for this fan theory rests on two pieces of information:

1) The line in the opening sequence that says the rose will bloom until his 21st year.
2) Lumier’s complaint that they’ve been “rusting” for ten years without anyone to serve.

Taken together, many fans have assumed that this means the Beast was actually cursed as an eleven-year old, and that he only has until his 21st birthday to find true love. The thing is, this assumption is built on two fallacies. The first being that 21st year and 21st birthday are synonymous, and the second being that no one has come to the castle in the entire time the Beast was cursed.

Look, we know that the Beast was an adult when he was cursed. The opening sequence shows that he’s clearly an adult when he turns the Enchantress/Beggar Lady away.


Plus, where did this portrait of him as an adult come from? I know it’s a world of magic, but assuming there’s magically a portrait of him and what he would have looked like (if he weren’t cursed) seems to be stretching credibility a bit too far.

Definitely not The Portrait of Dorian Grey.

So how are these lines explained away instead? Easy. He has 21 years of being cursed to find true love, and Belle and Maurice are not the first people to come to the castle. Sure, eventually word must have gotten out about That Castle and how you should Never Under Any Circumstances Go There, but in the early years of the curse, it’s unlikely that absolutely no one went there.

And further, it’s clear that no one in the castle ages in their cursed state, otherwise where in the hell did Chip come from? If the Beast was aging up from an 11 year old, Chip would have been doing the same. And even if he were an infant at the time he was cursed and ten years had passed, when you see Chip as a human child, he’s clearly only five or six years old, not ten.

Now if you really want a fan theory to squick out over, think about this: If the Beast has been cursed for 21 years by the time he meets Belle, that means Belle wasn’t even born yet when he was cursed. And if he was already an adult at the time he was cursed, well… you do the squicky, squicky math.


Lesley Beckmann

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