Supergirl 2.16 ‘Star-Crossed’ Top 5

We had a week off from Supergirl, and I for one was chomping at the bit from the cliffhanger that they left us with. As I spoke about in my Top 5 from ‘Exodus’, the actors seen at the end of the episode eclipsed the story angle, but could you blame me? It’s difficult to not fanboy over former Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher and TV’s Hercules, Kevin Sorbo joining the Supergirl cast. But this episode was not overshadowed by these new editions with action, laughs, meta-musical moments and pseudo-irritating love story developments. And now, to the Top 5!

5. Hatcher and Sorbo, Can We Have Some More?

The casting in this show continues to delight on several levels. Nostalgia is always a heavy-hitting tool for superhero shows. Much like her counter-part, Dean Cain on Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, Teri Hatcher appeared briefly on Smallville. That time, she appeared appropriately enough as Lois Lane’s mother. Now, she has traded her earth-bound ties to the Lane bloodline to become the queen of Daxam and Mon-El’s mother. Ruling at her side is King Lar Gand, portrayed by Kevin Sorbo. This is the first time Sorbo has dipped his foot into the DC pond, with only one other previous comic book character credit, Ka-Zar on the animated Super-Hero Squad, (which is a delight). Both are welcome additions, although I hope that they get the opportunity to do more.

4. Mon-El Finally Does Something Right

As I have stated ad nauseam at this point, I am no fan of Mon-El. I have not been a fan of the Kara/Mon-El pairing from the get-go. It’s appeared as forced, that he would be someone that makes sense for Kara Danvers. But perhaps we saw a glimmer of what Kara sees (saw?) inside of him. Well, before the big reveal (to Kara and friends, not the viewing audience) that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam. This changed everything to Kara, as Mon-El was “not just born onto a cruel planet”, he led it. Plus, his whole escape from Daxam was less than admirable, to say the least. Is Mon-El making strides to become a better person? Perhaps but it isn’t for the best of reasons. The changes that he is making in his life are seemingly all for Kara. He wants to change for her. He likes being a hero because he can be beside her. As with anything and anyone, those kinds of changes need to made for one’s self. Mon-El may just be on that path now. At the end of the episode, he defied his parents to return and rebuild Daxam. The the memory of how his people were treated makes him ill and he wants no part of rebuilding that kind of society. This change was inspired by Kara without question. But there is a world of difference between change being inspired by a person and change being made for a person. For the record I still don’t like him, but that scene may have helped turn a corner.

3. Hero-Wynn

Yes, it is another Top 5 with yet another lame Wynn pun. This week, we were shocked(?) to learn that Wynn’s girlfriend Lyra is not all she appeared to be. She’s an inter-galactic art thief, who was seemingly playing Wynn’s heartstrings the entire time in a long con. Wynn isn’t buying it and eventually learns that Lyra was doing it all to save her brother, Bastian, from being held by an art-theft ring. Did Wynn fall to pieces after learning that Lyra played him? Nope. He dusted himself off, got to the root of the problem and orchestrated a DEO operation that arrested the art-theft ring and the buyer. In and amongst all that, Wynn also offered some decent relationship advice to Kara. Wynn continues to grow and shine as a character who is truly finding himself.

2. Being Somewhat Meta Just Doesn’t Get Old

Right in the opening segment of the episode, we find Kara and Mon-El binge watching Game of Thrones. Mon-El declares that he wants to watch something where everyone starts singing for no apparent reason, to the delight of Kara. Mon-El will definitely get his wish on the next installment of The Flash, but that’s another story. Okay, actually it is the same story which is what makes the whole thing meta. Anyways, aside from the meta-ness, we had another fun musical reference as an alien demanded Hamilton tickets from Alex to pay for information. To paraphrase a quote from our editor-in-chief, “In a show about aliens, Alex getting Hamilton tickets is the least believable thing”.  Finally, we have to give a shout-out to Hatcher’s line, thumbing a collective creative nose at the current administration with, “making Daxam great again.” Mon-El didn’t go to Daxam, may we suggest someone else to take his place?

1. Enter The Music Man (Meister)

More former Glee cast joins our show as things get poised for the musical crossover episode of The Flash! Darren Criss as the Music Meister waltzed onto the screen in the DEO, bound in handcuffs and was relieved to see Supergirl. Exclaiming, “Oh there you are” whilst tossing the cuffs and announcing that he let himself get caught. He has a fastest-man alive to catch, but before jumping into the portal, (made possible by a Cisco gadget) the Music Meister’s eyes swirl causing Kara to go into a kind-of trance. She awakens to find herself in a gorgeous black dress, being pushed onstage by a frantic stage manager. We don’t have long to wait to discover what happens next. It will be revealed on tonight’s episode of the Flash!

What sort of fun are we in for with tonight’s crossover episode? We are undeserving of the levels of broadway/musical talent that will be on the CW screen tonight.

Fun fact for our Colorado friends: Did you know that Melissa Benoist once performed at the Country Dinner Playhouse in Denver?

Also, how much does this show love Hamilton? Not that it isn’t deserved but that makes three enjoyable references to date, if I am counting correctly.

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Brian Dowling
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