Supergirl 2.17 ‘Distant Sun’ Top 5

It’s a week after we swooned over hearing Kara’s pipes in the musical crossover episode of The Flash and things are once again lovey-dovey between Miss Danvers and Mon-El. But not everything is rainbows and bacon as a bounty was set on Kara’s head. Who is behind such a thing? Surely not Mon-El’s parents, who were so supportive of his decision to stay on Earth? If it existed, the previous sentence would be written in a sarcasm font.  But hey, with the presence of Daxam royalty comes more Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo! To the Top 5!

5. Martian Man-Supergirl

I have always been fond of scenes where it looks like the villain has the upper-hand, only to discover that no, the hero was in control the entire time. These kinds of situations are seen commonly with Sherlock adventures, but a more pertinent comparison is Superman II. The scene that comes to mind is where Superman takes a knee before Zod, seemingly about to swear loyalty to him. Instead, upon taking Zod’s hand, Superman crushes it and begins to lay some justice smackdown. Echoes of that were felt to me when during a fight, Kara was struck with a Kryptonite sai. Rather than be devastatingly injured, she said “that doesn’t work on me…” She then proceeded to morph into J’onn J’onzz. A satisfyingly heroic moment where for once, the good guys had the upperhand.

4. Mon-El Gets Punched In The Face

Alright, he has made some progress. He defied his parents, he sincerely apologized to Kara and looks to be truly remorseful at what his royal lineage was responsible for. Mon-El also was willing to give everything up in order to ensure that Kara was safe. I will credit him all that. But. Some of his dialogue reeks of ego and cowardice. He is just not Kara’s match. While being controlled by a bounty hunter who could fully control his actions, Mon-El was forced to attack Supergirl against his will. During their involuntary fisticuffs, Kara popped him right in the kisser and I couldn’t have been more delighted.

3. Maggie Isn’t Perfect

For a good portion of this season, we have seen a much more vulnerable side to Alex. It’s a good thing. It has brought more depth to the character, has been key to the most interesting romance of the show and has given Chyler Leigh some moments to showcase serious acting chops. Maggie has proven to be strong base of support for Alex throughout, but it was finally time to turn that angle on its head. Following a chance encounter with an ex of Maggie’s, Alex learns that Maggie is indeed not perfect and has made some serious mistakes. Nevertheless, Alex is there for her now and not judging Maggie for sins of the past. Here we got to see Maggie break while Alex held her with warmth and care. Alex continues to grow and shine this season.

2. Teri Hatches Up

No, that is not a typo. I had to work in a really bad pun somewhere. Is there any doubt how much fun Teri Hatcher is having playing the manipulative Rhea of Daxam? In what seems to be a running theme of this season, Rhea is a parent with a twisted view of loyalty and love for her child. In fact, the phrase ‘means to an end’ is an understatement. Her son is in love with a girl and wants to stay with her? Yeah, she has a way to fix that. Oh and if you betray Rhea and keep her son away from her, literally no one is safe. Not even a herculean effort can stop her wrath. I’m an awful person.

1. President Martian. I mean Marsdin. Wait A Minute…

I am not the only one who favors a little wordplay around here. (To be honest, I am seriously disappointed in myself that I did not see this one coming.) Getting to see Lynda Carter on the screen is always a sheer joy but how about that plot twist at the end of the episode? What sort of ramifications will come of this reveal that the President of the United States is an alien? Is it the real President or is an impostor in her place? What sort of alien is it? It looked like a White Martian….kinda? Time will tell. We can only hope to learn more and soon!

That wraps up this week’s Top 5 for Supergirl! So many questions to be answered but we’re going to have wait a few weeks. Will we see more of Jeremiah? What kinds of trouble will Rhea now cause as she ascends to supervillain status? We’ll see you April 24th!
By the by, what is it with all these hiatuses?

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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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