Supergirl 2.18 ‘Ace Reporter’ Top 5

And we’re back! An entire month has basically passed since we were last able to visit National City and our hero, Supergirl! The last episode, ‘Distant Sun’, did not leave us all bereft of questions. Would Queen Rhea immediately show up and cause trouble? Would Mon-El continue to annoy me? And, was that promo where Lena Luthor sees that Kara is Supergirl a touch misleading? Maybe! Time for the Top 5!

5. Some Cool Visual Effects

This episode was directed by Armen V. Kevorkian, the visual effects supervisor for Supergirl. As would be expected, the episode was centered around a special effects heavy villain. While the show can be hamstrung from time to time due to a limited budget, it is plain to see that ‘Supergirl’ has some talented artists on-hand who do great work with the tools that they have. This week we saw some nifty effects with swarming nanobots, an ‘on-fire’ Kara and an impressive panoramic sweeping shot of Supergirl’s freeze-breath.

4. Mon-El Did Not Irritate Me

The writers stepped away from the will they/wont they, kiss/break-up/makeup/breakup cycle, hopefully for the foreseeable future. True he was only in the episode for perhaps a total of four minutes. But in those few critical moments he was not whiny, sneaky, irritating, condescending, nor man-splainy. This time around, Mon-El was actually supportive, funny, functional and enjoyable to watch. I am not so easily sold, he still has a long way to go for me to ship Kara/Mon-El. But this episode had some baby steps towards that possibility. Perhaps I just find him tolerable in slow doses, or maybe the writers found a way to present the character in a way that he’s palatable. Time will tell.

 3. Some Snapper Banter

It’s surely a trope, but I just cannot help but adore the repartee between the curmudgeon mentor and spunky, idealistic protege. This episode was chock-full of wonderful moments between Snapper and Kara, which started with barbed comments at the press conference. Well, more so from Snapper as Kara fittingly struggled to throw a mean retort. As Kara proved her reporter mettle, it all culminated in the inevitable warm(ish) reunion. I am just thankful that they did not milk her funemployment for too long. I wont give all the details here, as watching Melissa Benoist and Ian Gomez interact is delightful.

2. It’s All In The Title

They called it ‘Ace Reporter’ and it was indeed brought back to brass tacks.  One of the strong suits of ‘Supergirl’ is how it ensures that the show is not all about her powers. Surely, fans want to see her fly, lift impossibly heavy objects and melt things with her heat-vision. But the heart of the story is who she is without the cape and how she helps people without her powers. This week we got to see her do some real investigative journalism with her trademark integrity. Not only did she eventually get to the bottom of what was happening with those nanobots, she made a triumphant return to CatCo and back in Snapper’s good graces. As much as those good graces can be, of course.

1. Luthor, Lena Luthor

Lena Luthor’s appearance in an episode is always a welcome sight. For those of a similar opinion, you can rejoice to learn that she has been bumped up to a series regular for the rest of the season (and next). The friendship between Danvers and Luthor is wonderful to watch, as Benoist and McGrath have great chemistry. But will that strong chemistry remain as friends or turn to foes? Fans can’t help but to cast a questioning eye on what direction Lena will head following the events of this episode. With the death of her love, Lena wonders if nature will defeat nurture. Is she destined to become a villain, or can Lena rise above her appeared fate as a Luthor? I hope she proves to have a stronger will than her megalomaniac brother.

Well, that does it for this episode! There is a great deal of ground to cover with only a few short weeks left before the season finale. The writers are likely to turn things up a few notches, so hang on with some Kryptonian might!

Honorable mentions:
“So, what is your Kryptonite? and “Did I mention I was a Luthor?” elicited joy from our household.
Oh, and how about the Queen Rhea stinger at the end?

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Brian Dowling
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