Supergirl 2.19 ‘Alex’

This week, the appropriately titled ‘Alex’, is all about team Supergirl attempting to rescue the Danvers sister from imminent death. The episode did something that I am not fond of, although I recognize the reason. Every so often, the writers pull back on the reins to Supergirl’s progress as a hero, at times seemingly to regression. Supergirl will make choices or say something that feels against her character, or at least stretching the limit. Ostensibly, this makes sense. Kara is still a young hero and is still learning. You can’t have her be a wizened hero smack-dab in the middle of season two. This season, Supergirl has gone a bit back and forth in her choices, and this episode was a good example. If you are wondering how so, I touch on that in the Top 5. Let’s go!

5. And Now You Know The Rest of the Story

So this entry is a step away from the norm, as it isn’t a “hey, that’s awesome” type of thing. Was anyone else completely taken aback how casually Supergirl showed up as Kara Danvers in the DEO? There she was, standing around the DEO table in her pink top and skirt, distractingly Kara. Then, she just casually drops Clark’s name as well. This wasn’t a sequestered room, DEO agents are milling about. Unless I am way off-base, but I don’t remember the DEO being trusted with these things. I hope Martian Manhunter has his memory-wipe power queued up.

4. Winn-ing

It has been far too long since I was able to get in a good(?) Winn pun. This moment is brief. Mind you, its not “blink and you’ll miss it”, but it is by no means featured. It is, in my opinion, a showcase of character growth for our tech-savvy guy. Towards the end of the episode, Alex’s captor, Rick, makes a snide comment as he is being taken away by the the DEO. Winn is having absolutely none of it. He gets in Rick’s face and says, “No. You don’t get to talk to her.” Our Winn has grown a serious spine and I am loving it.

3. Luthor and the Queen

A major subplots is Queen Rhea attempting to connive her way into Lena’s good graces. Teri Hatcher does such a fantastic job as a deceiving, manipulating villain, that it can be hard to imagine her as Lois Lane back in the day. The only element of Miss Lane at hand is unbridled ambition, as she plays Lena like a fiddle. Rhea knows all the cards and works every emotional angle. Will it prove key to Lena eventually falling to ‘being a Luthor’? I’ve said it before, but here’s hoping she rises above it. Also of note, how frustrating was that when Lena reached out to Kara for advice at an admittedly awful time? *shakes fist*

2. Finding Her Way

I made mention above how Kara can sometimes take a step forward then take two-steps back. I’ll give an example which was early in the episode, when Supergirl saved the day during a hostage negotiation. The negotiator was Maggie, and she felt she was close to resolving the situation with words. Then Supergirl flew in, made a hole in the building and rescued everyone, but with some potential collateral damage. This lead to an argument between Maggie and Kara where she defended her ability to ‘punch her way through’ things. Maggie stressed the importance of using words, not brute force. Kara’s defensiveness felt forced and off-character, in my opinion. Of course, this was an experience that taught Kara to not only rely on powers but also reason, thus the resolution to the episode. So while I may not like how much the pendulum swings at times, I do appreciate that Kara’s core and path is eventually found again.

1. Damn-Capable in Distress

Alex spent the majority of the episode in a glass box. While many characters would have sat there and waited to be rescued, Alex doesn’t have time for that nonsense. The writers do a consistent job in making sure we remember that Alex is a legit boss (shout-out to WWE’s Sasha Banks) and will do everything she can to rescue herself. Who here can carve out a tracker from your shoulder with a credit card, then re-wire it so Winn can locate you? No one? Certainly not me. And lest we forget that SHE TURNED HER PANTS INTO A FLOTATION DEVICE. Those pants literally saved her life, keeping her afloat when her body would have given out long before Kara and Maggie found her.

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Top 5. What do you think? Am I off in my belief that the writers are a little wonky in Kara’s progression? Will we see Lena fall? Would you like to see her become the next feared Luthor or would you rather see her defy her dark nature? We may see her destiny unfold in the next few episodes!

Also, I legitimately thought that Rick was Michael Rosenbaum at first glance. The disappointment was real.

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