Supergirl 2.20 ‘City of Lost Children’

This week’s installment shifted gears into a more James-centric episode, which felt good as his presence was missed over the past few weeks. While episode twenty focused on Mr. Olsen, it was limited in how much we saw his Guardian persona. It’s no secret for any who have followed my coverage of Supergirl that I am not the biggest fan of the Guardian subplot. This week’s episode utilized James’ alter ego in an effective and emotional way that I found completely enjoyable. All the while, we are making the march towards this season’s finale as Queen Rhea manipulates her way towards potential world domination. What will make me fanboy this week? Time for the Top 5!

5. Mon-El is Non-Irritating

Yes indeed it is happening, I am finding Mon-El less annoying. Last week I speculated if the key was less is more for him. While that is likely a factor, there is looks to be a shift in direction of the character. He’s not swaggering around the place, trying to dude-bro his way into Kara’s heart. Now he’s the supportive significant other, more in the background and not trying to steal the spotlight. He’s been funny and functional. He is communicating with Kara, being open about his conflicting emotions with his mother. He knows she is terrible, but he loves her still. Kara is in turn, supportive of him. You’d be hard-pressed to not feel for Mon-El when Rhea exploits her son’s attachment to his father when he bravely stood up to her. Mon-El, keep it up. You may be on your way to the Legion of Superheroes.

4. Lena and Kara, Totally In Sync

I am totally in love with their friendship. These two have such a wonderful chemistry, their time on screen is infectious. Their banter in this episode was full of speculation on the various particulars barring the return of N’Sync. Yes, the 90’s boy band and not a new choreography-driven supervillain. While this may seem hokey in print, it completely worked for the scene, showcasing their fun dynamic and growing friendship. These light moments cannot help but to drive home how devastating it would be should we lose Lena to the fate of being a Luthor.

3. Her Majesty Dines On The Upholstery

That’s a somewhat fancy way of saying that Queen Rhea is chewing the scenery. I feel as though the writers of ‘Frasier’ would be proud. That can be seen as a knock, but it is the complete opposite. I think that Teri Hatcher is doing an amazing job with Rhea, portraying the role with all her devious, conniving, and calculating ways. Yet, she is not a one-dimensional character. Rhea shows that she does care about Lena, however that is not stopping her from using Ms. Luthor as a tool. This isn’t a shock though, I believe that somewhere in her twisted mind, she truly cares about her son in some diabolical way.

2. Olsen, James Olsen

It’s been talked about before, but I must mention again how much I appreciate the direction that the Supergirl writers took with the character of James Olsen. I love the old-school version as the geeky sidekick, but the strong, capable and charming James of the show series has proven to be a welcome change. This episode gave Mehcad Brooks fantastic material to work with, as he both warmed our hearts and inspired us as he discovered a core piece of his heroism. The scenes between James and the young alien, Marcus, are truly delightful. As James learns that to be the hero he wants to be doesn’t require the Guardian armor, we may see less of that suit. But I truly hope we continue to see more of Olsen.

1. Did Winn Just Make Bat-Ears?!

Alright, I may receive some flack for this but I had to give this moment a spot as I lost my collective fan-boy mind.
As James was speculating with Winn about what the Guardian has become, he voiced concern that it had become synonymous with fear. And that kind of symbol was not what he wanted, he preferred to be like Kara or Clark as a beacon of hope. The Guardian was seemingly becoming like ‘Clark’s friend’. Winn then retorted, “Oh you mean…” and made a little bat-ear. This provoked a vocal emotional response that cannot be written into a word, as it would look like a cat walked across my keyboard if I tried to write it. We’ll never see him on this show, but the fact that there was a solid reference to Batman himself filled me with a joy I cannot describe.

And that wraps it up for this week! What do you all think about this week’s adventure? We only have two more episodes left and it looks like Earth shall be playing host to another invasion. It’s looking like team-up city as the DEO just might be joining forces with Cadmus, because of course that is happening. Oh, and then there is that confirmed return of Kara’s relative…  See you next week!

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I Talk A LOT

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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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