Supergirl 2.21 ‘Resist’

We’re almost to the end of season two and the volume has officially been turned up for the CW’s Supergirl! National City is under full attack by the Daxamite army under Queen Rhea. The streets are rife with fear as her soldiers rip through the streets, the police department and eventually the DEO itself. So while Team Supergirl establishes a resistance HQ at the alien bar, there are character reveals, unlikely (yet not surprising) alliances, and the return of a familiar face or two. This week gave me a great deal of options to choose from for the Top 5, so let’s hop right in!

5. Guardian Kicks Some Daxamite

I realize that I have not been the biggest Guardian fan, but I have been coming around more and more. After Cat Grant delivered an inspiring speech to National City that would have made President Whitmore proud, Rhea’s thugs arrived at CatCo with an intent to kill. Enter Guardian, who set off a ‘Space Asthma’ bomb (lead dust), to make things even. What followed was a well-shot action sequence where James summarily brought down the Daxamite squad. The cherry on top for the scene was Cat Grant thanks James, much to his bewilderment.
“Oh honey, I can see your eyes.” Seriously, Cat Grant’s lines were gold throughout the episode.

4. Girl Power

The powerful ladies of Supergirl were in full strength as they were the heroes, the villains and everything in between. Supergirl was the continual beacon of light as Queen Rhea’s ruthless quest for domination with the installation of new Daxamite serves as her counter. President Marsdin returned, filling the role of the leader who values the mission above emotion, countered by Cat Grant’s powerful inspiring speech to the people. Lest we forget a moment of incredible power and trust, where Alex straight up Trinity (Matrix) jumps out of the DEO trusting that Kara would catch her. Which of course, Supergirl did. Here’s also hoping that eventually, this will not be cause to be a Top 5, but rather just a normal part of any action show.

3. The Inevitable, Yet Enjoyable Team-Up

In the superhero world, it is a staple for enemies to eventually join forces to battle a common a threat. Here, we have found the DEO, or more specifically Team Supergirl, allying themselves with Lillian Luthor and Cadmus. The Luthor matriarch showed up in full ‘I told you so” mode, as the Daxamite threat all but confirmed her views on alien threats. While reluctant at first, Supergirl finally conceded that they would need Cadmus to help with a specific portion of the mission. However, Kara and the crew did not blindly trust Luthor and her gang, having a contingency plan for the also inevitable betrayal.

2. Political Commentary Abounds!

If you thought that the title for this week’s episode was just in reference to the fight against the Daxamite invasion, I believe you are quite mistaken. ‘Resist’ is chock-full of social commentary, from Cat Grants resistance speech (which included a not subtle reference to a ‘great again’ catchphrase) to having a female alien be the President of the United States. Also of important note, this Madame President is definitively not a villain. She may be duty-minded, but she is there to protect the people of not only the United States but planet earth. If you are still not sold, perhaps the moment when it is revealed to the team that the President is an alien, an unruffled Miss Grant quips, “Please just tell me you are still a Democrat” will sway your thoughts.

1. The Incomparable Miss Cat Grant

This character has grown into a remarkable, strong and witty character, vital to Kara’s growth as both a person and a superhero. At first glance last season, while still enjoyable, she was the hard-lined, sharp-witted boss that could seemingly care less about your feelings. Cat has grown into not only a mentor for Kara, but a symbol and rallying point for National City. Her words are moving and powerful. They inspired the people, captured by Queen Rhea’s forces, to fight back. She is able to get Supergirl back on track to becoming the hero she is destined to become. As she is established into this role, one cannot help but worry if this seals her fate. This storyline path typically involves the mentor perishing, forcing the hero to realize their potential. If it does wind up swinging that way, here’s hoping we still have plenty of Cat Grant witticisms to come.

Next time we visit, season two will be wrapped! The season finale looks to be an intense, emotional journey that will culminate in a battle between Supergirl and Queen Rhea. But before they get there, another battle looks to be taking place. This one, I have strong mixed feelings about. Supergirl and Superman look to go head-to-head as this season comes to a close. I am doing my best to trust the writers of Supergirl. I was thrilled with how they have portrayed him thus far. But I have to say, I am so exhausted with seeing my hero made a villain. Whether this is by mind-control, red kryptonite or magic, we shall wait to see. The end of this week’s episode took the wind from my sails on a sour note, but I am striving to have faith that the people behind Supergirl will turn this into something wonderful.


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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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