Supergirl 2.22 ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’

Oh my Zod! We did it! This is it for season two of Supergirl and wow was this one chock-full of heroic goodness. As the Daxamite threat intensified, we were all waiting with baited breath as to why Superman attacked his cousin. Those of us who are savvy in this universe could rest assured that Queen Rhea was somehow influencing the Man of Steel, whether it be by magic or a form of kryptonite. While the reasoning was cleared up right in the beginning of the episode (thankfully), that was not the end of intrigue. A great deal of action and some intense emotions were on full display as the episode unfolded. So without further ado, let’s get into our Top 5 one more time for season two of Supergirl!

5. Mon-El, Mon Amie

This one may come as a surprise to any who have been following the Top 5 as I have not been a fan of Mon-El. For the majority of the season, I saw him as a whiny and entitled dude-bro, who was not a worthy significant other for Kara Danvers. There has been some growth over the past few episodes and this finale gave that final push for me where I can finally say that I like him. Not only did he prove to be supportive for Supergirl and was willing to make a selfless act for the greater good, his words to Kara towards the end of the episode caused the eyes to water. When he promised her that he’d be the man she saw him to be, it struck a real emotional chord. Kudos to Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist for nailing that scene with some amazing acting chops.

4. Taking Time for the Ensemble

There were some wonderful moments from the ensemble throughout the episode. From a heartfelt exchange between Alex and Maggie, Winn fawning over Superman, Cat Grant “hasn’t seen Star Wars” (real-life wife to Harrison Ford) Mon-El’s heroism, to a defining choice by Lena Luthor, the delights abounded throughout the episode. I would be remiss to not mention J’onn waking up, along with a surprise return by M’gann (who brought some friends along for needed back-up). And since I am already talking about J’onn, my inner fanboy was doing flips as I watched Martian Manhunter team-up with Superman. Just thinking about it makes me giddy. Oh! And ZOD!

3. “I Didn’t Hear No Bell”

For those of you who aren’t enthusiasts, that is a Rocky Balboa reference. Why you ask? Because of the fantastic fight scenes we were treated to throughout the episode! From the emotionally difficult to watch, yet well-executed fight between Supergirl and Superman, to Queen Rhea versus Supergirl, and Mon-El taking on a squad of Daxamite soldiers, to say that they brought their ‘A’ game to the finale isn’t doing them justice. There have been critics (not all unfounded) of the inconsistent fight choreography throughout seasons one and two, but this close may be a hallmark of what to expect from here on in.

2. Superman, Support of Steel

I have heard some lamenting of Superman’s portrayal in this final episode, in regards to that he “lost the fight” to Kara. I have three words for you, ‘get over it’. First, do we need to go over the title of the show? It is called ‘Supergirl’. They did not portray the fight unfairly. They were going toe-to-toe and fairly evenly matched. Bear in mind, it is known that Supergirl is more powerful than Superman, due to the length of time she’s been exposed to the Earth’s sun. Furthermore, she collapsed just after Superman did. All this isn’t even the point, let us focus on how true they kept Superman himself after the fight. He had absolutely zero ego about it. He was proud and supportive of Kara. Supergirl even stated, “perhaps you weren’t at full strength” to which Superman denied. It can all be summed up in what Clark said to Kara towards the end of the episode, “You are so much stronger than me. Stronger than I ever will be.” Thank you, writers of Supergirl for keeping Superman actually Superman. His powers are not what makes him who he is.

1. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Today

Kara is truly flourishing as she grows into the hero she is destined to become. It was not just a clever title for the episode so that it felt timely. Supergirl faced battles on every single front, from her physical fights with Superman and Queen Rhea, to the mental battle of choosing to activate the Luthor weapon on the Daxamite army, and the emotional strife with losing her love. Superman himself questioned, doubting that he would have had Kara’s strength should he find himself in a similar position. And yet, despite all of these challenges, nevertheless, she persisted.

Well Supergirl fans, we have reached the end of season two. It’s been a wild one, some definite ups and downs as they find their place in their new home at the CW. But, we can rest assured that they have indeed found a home where the show can truly thrive and continue to grow. It wouldn’t be a close to the season if we didn’t get a bit of a cliffhanger or two. Is Mon-El on his way to the Legion of Superheroes? What was the snippet from a dying Krypton all about? There are those who thought the final scene was perhaps a spin on Doomsday, but with the emphasis placed on the word, ‘reign’, it is likely to be a relatively fresh character in the New 52 named, Reign.

See you in the fall for season 3!

Brian Dowling
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Brian Dowling
I Talk A LOT

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