Outlander 3.04 “Of Things Lost”

As the title suggests, episode four of the season centered around things lost to our favorite characters. This episode is crucial to the direction of future episodes and even seasons. And it cements many of the traits we already know about many of the leads. I am going to center my top five around each character and what they have lost or stand to lose!

1. Claire

The simplest thing she had lost was the pearls Jamie gifted her from his mother. She had given them to Mrs. Graham upon her return to the present day and they are returned by Fiona, Mrs. Graham’s granddaughter. While this brings back a flood of memories, it also reminds Claire that she had promised Mrs Graham that she wouldn’t chase ghosts. Realizing the stakes that she would have to lose Brianna to recover Jamie leads her to decide on a return to Boston. Stopping the search for good.

One thing that unfortunately was not lost was our weekly “I am a feminist trapped in the 1960s” reference. I still think Claire’s (and Brianna’s- you fix that car, girl!) actions and people’s reactions are enough for us to understand she is a fish out of water. They don’t need to tell us every single week.

2. Geneva Dunsaney

Poor, spoiled Geneva lost more than most in this episode. Much like a heroine in a horror movie, she lost her virginity, then her life! I loved the pacing of the episode, however I do wish we could have spent more time hating her before sympathizing with her. She is a character I love to hate. I think her storyline with Jamie is also very engaging because we get to see his sense of honor used against him. Geneva is like a very pretty comic book villain. I do feel like her threats against his family were a little weak. In the book she steals a letter and name drops Jenny and family. Here she barely mentions Lallybroch and he gives in.

In my opinion, it is just as well that she dies. While we feel a flash of sympathy when she proclaims her love for Jamie, I have a feeling this girl would have gone right back to her manipulative ways once Willie was born. And our dashing Scot has been through enough!

3. Brianna and Roger

OK they are just too cute. I love them. Roger stands to lose Brianna if Claire gives up the search. Brianna’s kiss to assure him that is not the case is a perfect sweet moment. Brianna has already lost the man she knew as her father. She has thrown herself fully into finding Jamie even though that would mean losing Claire too. It is great episode for these two and I look forward to seeing more of them.

4. Lord John Grey

Once again Lord John goes toe to toe with Jamie over who is the most honorable guy in history. He visits Jamie regularly at Hellwater and they continue bonding as they play chess. At the end, as Jamie is leaving Hellwater, he offers his body to John in return for continued care of Willie. A flabbergasted John declines because his intentions are nothing but honorable. He also announces his intended marriage to Isabelle. This will enable him to raise Willie on Jamie’s behalf. He may forever be losing contact with his BFF/love of his life but he will always have a connection. So it is a case of love lost, but I wish John all the happiness with his new family!

5. Jamie Has Lost the Most

The biggest loss of the week belongs to our leading man. After losing two children of his own, Faith to her mortality and Brianna to time and space, Jamie finds himself a father again. His blackmail induced tryst with Geneva results in the birth of a boy named William. This episode is full of Sam Heughan making looks of realization. But his face when he realizes his son has the name of his deceased brother is everything. If we have any doubt about his parentage, Isabella lets us know that Geneva confessed to her she had never even slept with her husband. This results in chaos after the birth because the Earl threatens to kill the baby, at which point Jamie kills him. This episode is full of Jamie doing anything he can for his family.

For several years Jamie gets to be a father and it is simultaneously heartbreaking and sweet. Eventually people begin to notice a resemblance between him and Willie so it is time for Jamie to leave like a bat out of hell(water). The night before he leaves we get to see a touching scene where he baptizes Willie as his own, though the boy doesn’t understand the significance. The face that boy makes as Jamie leaves the estate is perfect. He and Sam really do have the same steely glare! Well done casting agents!

And just like that, our hero has lost a third child and is alone again. Luckily for him, we have the knowledge of the “next week on Outlander” segment, so we at home know he won’t be alone for long.

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