The Walking Dead Episode 7.01, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” Top 5

Your regular The Walking Dead Top 5 writer is traveling tonight, so I am stepping in. Hopefully I do her justice. As often happens with this show, I was watching most of it through my fingers. Many tears were shed on screen and in my room. I hope you kept the tissues handy because, as promised, this was a doozy. What made this episode different from previous losses was the personal nature of the violence. Others have fallen due to circumstances. Never before have we seen this level of sadistic…

Preacher 1.02 ‘See’ Top 5

Welcome back to ‘Amelia knows nothing about this franchise’ adventure!  Funny story, the time of the episode wasn’t the same as last week?  So, I came in 15 minutes late on ‘See’ and had to catch the beginning after.  All that aside, I’m still digging this weird ride.  I have no idea what’s happening a lot of the time, but the writing, acting, and FX are all great on Preacher so far!

Preacher 1.01 “Pilot” Top 5

Hi guys! So, we did a poll on our twitter, and y’all said you wanted us to cover Preacher, so that’s what’s happening.  Here’s the catch: I know nothing about the source material.  At all.  Hadn’t even heard of it until the show started getting all of the buzz.  Going in with no knowledge was interesting, to say the least.  Here are the Top 5 of the person who spent the whole episode going ‘what the frick-frack is happening’?!