Denver Comic Con – Day 2 Roundup

Anyone who’s attended a comic con before can attest that there’s no scale to explain the kind of tired that is con tired.  Your senses are constantly bombarded all day long as you try to take in all of the amazing geekery that you’ve been waiting all year to be a part of again.  It’s that deeply satisfying kind of tired.  The type that comes with a sleepy smile and the satisfaction that you spent a day (or several) inundated with all of your pop culture favorites.   Denver Comic Con…

Denver Comic Con 2015

The Geeks went on an adventure this weekend at Denver Comic Con.  This is the forth year of Denver’s Comic Con, and it’s come a long way since it’s inaugural year.  Tens of thousands of fans flocked in this year to see what DCC had to offer, and weren’t disappointed with what they were met with. Here are some shots we managed to snag while we were running around in the chaos!