Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5

With strong parallels to late Season 2, this week Arrow delivered a strong episode with an intriguing Shaman, a dilemma for Diggle and a complex mission for the team of Arrow. Here is my Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5.

Arrow 4×05 “Haunted” Review

The much awaited Arrow episode “Haunted” that reprised Matt Ryan‘s role as John Constantine is here and did not disappoint. The restoration of Sara’s soul was the main focus throughout the episode and it was the reason for John Constantine’s appearance in the present day. In a refreshing twist there was no specific “villain of the week” storyline this week. Instead the focus remained on the team dynamics and the arrival of Constantine in both the flashbacks and present day. When it’s discovered by Team Arrow that Sara is the…