Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5

Arrow 4.22 "Lost in the Flood" Top 5

With only one episode of Season 4 left, ‘Lost in the Flood’ was a Smoak family affair that brough a smile to my face. Yet as Damian Darhk’s plans unfold, I can’t help but wonder, is it all working? Here is: Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5. Spoilers ahead.

Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5

Arrow 4.21 "Monument Point" Top 5

This episode of Arrow was the first part of what’s shaping up to be an explosive three-part finale. However, the episode overall was a bit of a mess. With multiple characters returning at the bidding of Darhk, there was too much going on and not enough focus on what’s important. Here’s my Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5.

Arrow 4.17 “Beacon of Hope” Top 5

Arrow 4x17 "Beacon of Hope" Top 5

This weeks episode of Arrow “Beacon of Hope” was all about the ladies. With Felicity’s nemesis, Brie Larson paying a visit to Star City in search for the the bio-stimulant in Felicity’s spine. She, of course brought her terrifying robotic bee’s along. Hi, it’s Catherine filling in for Amelia this week (make sure to send our fearless editor in chief some love on twitter, she’s a hardworking lady)   Ladies Supporting Ladies This episode was full of Ladies Supporting Ladies and I absolutely loved it. After last week’s episode it hit me that Felicity isn’t really shown…