The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5

The 100 3.14 "Red Sky at Morning" Top 5

This week, The 100 delivered a captivating episode that left me intrigued, and excited for what is to come. Sit down and read as I unpack Red Sky Morning. This episode was written by the fantastic Lauren Muir and Kira Synder. Here is my The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5.

The 100 3×07 “Thirteen” Top 5

The 100 3x07 "Thirteen" Top 5

  I have watched this episode multiple times now and honestly, I am still trying to process it. There was so much content within this episode that I could spend hours unpacking but, I’m going to limit myself. 1. Lexa’s death An undoubtedly pivotal and controversial moment, the sudden death of Lexa was a key feature of this weeks episode and an event that will undoubtedly affect the rest of the season. Due to Alicia’s commitment to Fear The Walking Dead, like many fans I knew that her tenure on…

The 100 3.05 “Hadekama” Top 5

The 100 3.05 “Hadekama” Top 5: In this weeks episode: crazy Jaha returns with his posse, Raven breaks, Octavia stands up and blood does not have blood. 1. Lindsey Morgan + Raven Reyes I wanted to take a moment to praise Lindsey Morgans acting. Her portrayal of Raven, and the heartbreaking pain she has dealt with is incredible to watch, it draws the viewer in and makes them feel. I love it.   Raven has been through the emotional wringer one too many times, Finn, getting shot, getting blown up, getting blown up agin, losing…

The 100 1.03 “Ye Who Enter Here” Top 5

1. Raven Reyes Raven Reyes is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters of the show. She has continued to endure intense physical pain and emotional trials and come out the other side, no easy feat. This episode highlighted her recent struggles and exposed a more vulnerable side to Raven that we do not often see. She hides both her physical and emotional pain behind a facade composed of her mechanical skills, humour and mental aptitude. I do hope though that the storyline moves on from her injury, while certainly relevant…