Arrow 5.09 ‘What We Leave Behind’ Top 5

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Once again Arrow delivered an emotional strong episode that echoed the emotional tone of the show. However, the refreshing consistency in tone, did not make up for the glaring inconsistencies with the overall storyline, individual character arcs and character development. Namely I found glaring issues with Oliver’s character development (or perhaps I should say, regression), Felicity’s storyline (or lack thereof), and Curtis’ very confusing arc. That being said, I was still able to enjoy moments of the episode. Here is my Arrow 5.09 ‘What We Leave Behind’ Top 5 moments.…

Arrow 5.08 ‘Invasion’ Top 5

Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

In a landmark event, Arrow celebrated its 100th episode with a mega crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Needless to say, it was an action packed episode. Let’s dig into Arrow 5.08 ‘Invasion’ Top 5. The Story Overall, I found ‘invasion’ to a very enjoyable episode that was befitting of the 100th episode of Arrow. However, the overall story, while intriguing, felt very contrived. Picking up from the Flash episode, Oliver, Sara, Diggle, and Ray are all kidnapped by aliens (which was carried over from Supergirl),…

The Flash 3.08 “Invasion!” Top 5

Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

It’s here: one of the biggest television crossovers of all time – the 4-episode “Heroes vs. Aliens” crossover among Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Since we have capable writers that cover all of those shows separately, I’m going to just concentrate, as usual, on The Flash. This episode begins the real arc of the crossover, when an alien species called the Dominators launches an invasion force against Earth. #5: Supergirl vs. All the Others It’s actually pretty ridiculous to call this a 4-episode crossover event. It is,…

Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5

With a new viillian in twon things on this season of arrow have started to heat. up. Here’s Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5. Quentin Lance What I enjoyed most about this episode was the dynamic between Thea + Quentin. They have both experienced a great deal of loss in their lives, and they have shared many of those losses. Their dynamic has changed dramatically, although certainly for the better, since the beginning of the show, and it has quickly become one of my favourite elements of the season. In this…

Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

On this episode of Arrow, we discover more about the new big bad in town, Oliver’s past continues to haunt him and Quentin continues to struggle. Here is my Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5. Original Team Arrow I loved the focus on the Original Team Arrow at the beginning of the episode. It proves what many (including myself) have been saying from the beginning – that Arrow is at its best when it focuses on the original three members of Team Arrow: Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. These three are the…

Arrow 5.05 ‘Human Target’ Top 5

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5

Another week, another episode of Arrow, here is this weeks Arrow 5.05 ‘Human Target’ Top 5.

Arrow 5.04 ‘Penance’ Top 5

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

I must admitted I’m finding it increasingly more frustrating to watch Arrow as the Season progresses. There is a lack of continuity between episodes and the characterisation feels inconsistent. Regardless, I’m stubborn, and a long time fan so I continue to watch. Here are my thoughts: Arrow 5.04 ‘Penance’ Top 5 Felicity Smoak My notes on Felicity are very short, but at this point, it’s all I have to say: Why is her storyline on relevant when it benefits the male members of Team Arrow? Is she not strong enough…

Arrow 5.03 ‘A Matter of Trust’ Top 5

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

This week on Arrow ‘A Matter of Trust’ saw Oliver start to successfully balance his identities as both the Mayor and Green Arrow, Thea face the fallout of a hiring decision and Diggle embark on a new journey. Here is my Arrow 5.03 ‘A Matter of Trust’ Top 5 Oliver Queen After a rocky start balancing his identities as both Mayor and lead vigilante in episodes one and two, this episode finally allowed us a glimpse at how suited he is to both roles. As Felicity pointed out, he needs…

Arrow 5.02 ‘The Recruits’ Top 5

Arrow 5.02 "The Recruits" Top 5

Arrow 5.02 ‘The Recruits’ Top 5 After last weeks’ slow start this episode entitled ‘The Recruits’ brought things back up to full speed with the introduction of new Team Arrow recruits Rene Rameriz, Evelyn Sharpe and Curtis Holt. Here’s my Arrow 5.02 ‘The Recruits’ Top 5. The Recruits This episode introduced the new recruits: Curtis Holt, who is determined to help after he was mugged last episode, Rene Rameriz aka ‘Wild Dog’ a vigilante who’s got a bit of a grudge and Evelyn Sharpe a young and well intentioned vigilante.…

The Flash 3.02 “Paradox” Top 5

Tom Felton as Julian Albert, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen - The CW

So Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has “reset” the timeline from Flashpoint, but some little things (and some big things) are different. How different? Let’s dig right in to episode 3.02, “Paradox”:       #5: It’s the Little Things… At first, it seems like it’s just a few little things that have changed around Central City when Barry returns. After all, they beat Zoom and closed the rift, right? So what’s different? First of all, Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) have taken a small step back – not a huge…

Arrow 5.01 ‘Legacy’ Top 5

Arrow 5.01 'Legacy' Top 5

Fall television has officially returned! After a quiet ending to Season 4 of Arrow, the premiere of Arrow Season 5 entitled ‘Legacy’ kicked off with Oliver struggling to juggle his Mayoral duties and role as the Green Arrow. Overall this episode felt slightly disjointed to watch, however it is only the start of the season, so I am reserving my judgement until me know more. Here’s my Arrow 5.01 ‘Legacy’ Top 5.

Arrow 4.23 ‘Schism’ Top 5

Arrow 4.23 'Schism' Top 5

The Season 4 finale of Arrow delivered a satisfying end to an otherwise rocky season. Overall the episode tied up some loose ends and left Team Arrow some time to recover from the tumultous year. Here is: Arrow 4.23 ‘Schism’ Top 5. “He gave me hope” Whilst Season 4 of Arrow ended on a strong note, the end does not justify, or in this case, help us forget the means. Each season of any TV show has ups and downs. Unfortunately, it felt like that Season 4 of Arrow has…

Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5

Arrow 4.22 "Lost in the Flood" Top 5

With only one episode of Season 4 left, ‘Lost in the Flood’ was a Smoak family affair that brough a smile to my face. Yet as Damian Darhk’s plans unfold, I can’t help but wonder, is it all working? Here is: Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5. Spoilers ahead.

Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5

Arrow 4.21 "Monument Point" Top 5

This episode of Arrow was the first part of what’s shaping up to be an explosive three-part finale. However, the episode overall was a bit of a mess. With multiple characters returning at the bidding of Darhk, there was too much going on and not enough focus on what’s important. Here’s my Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5.

Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5

With strong parallels to late Season 2, this week Arrow delivered a strong episode with an intriguing Shaman, a dilemma for Diggle and a complex mission for the team of Arrow. Here is my Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5.

Arrow 4.19 “Canary Cry” Top 5

Arrow 4.19 "Canary Cry" Top 5

After a brief hiatus, Arrow returned this week with strong performances from the cast but overall an inconsistent episode that left me feeling, well a little meh. Here is my Arrow 4.19 “Canary Cry” Top 5 recap. Laurel Lance I have always had a love/hate relationship with Laurel’s character and as such, I was indifferent in the face of her death. I understand for many, she was a favourite, and I can most certainly respect that, but personally I just did not mind either way. That being said, Laurel’s death…