The 100 3.16 ‘Perverse Instantiation – Part Two’ Top 5

The 100 3.16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Top 5

In an epic conclusion to season 3, Perverse Instantiation – Part Two was a captivating episode full of twists and turns, and also: Grounders in trench coats. The 100 3.16 ‘Perverse Instantiation – Part Two’ Top 5. Spoilers ahead. “The goal isn’t everything, how you reach the goal matters too” This season of the 100 had its ups and downs and despite my personal dislike of several plot points, I have found this season as a whole to be intriguing and engaging. It must be noted that nay ups and…

The 100 3.15 ‘Perverse Instantiation’ Top 5

The 100 3.15 'Perverse Instantiation' Top 5

The first part, of the two part The 100 Season 3 finale. Perverse Instantiation lived up to it’s title with a gritty episode that pushed boundaries. As ALIE ramped up her efforts to get her hands, or should I say, her mind on the ‘flame’. The focus was on the Delinquents as they tried their best to put a stop to her madness. Here’s my The 100 3.15 ‘Perverse Instantiation’ Top 5.  Head’s up, there are spoilers below

The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5

The 100 3.14 "Red Sky at Morning" Top 5

This week, The 100 delivered a captivating episode that left me intrigued, and excited for what is to come. Sit down and read as I unpack Red Sky Morning. This episode was written by the fantastic Lauren Muir and Kira Synder. Here is my The 100 3.14 “Red Sky Morning” Top 5.

The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5

This week on The 100 we were delivered a gritty, revealing and intriguing episode from powerhouse team Shawna and Julie Benson that made me a feel a little nostalgic (all the innocent 100). In Join or Die: Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper headed to the ocean in search of Luna, and ALIE wrecked havoc in Polis. Here is The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5. Our real enemy is out there Murphy made an incredibly important point: The enemy of the enemy is my friend. If the grounders and…

The 100 3.12 “Demons” Top 5

The 100 3.12 "Demons" Top 5

In this weeks episode of The 100 3.12 “Demons”, the Delinquents return to a deserted arcadia and have to face their demons, and we say farewell to fan favourite characters. Here is my The 100 3.12 “Demons” Top 5. 1. Bellamy and Clarke Regardless of if or who you ship, it’s very hard to dispute that Bellamy and Clarke make a good team. With the renewed focus on their partnership since their divided storylines earlier this season, since they reunited it feels like everyone is making more rational decisions again.…

The 100 3.11 “Nevermore” Top 5

The 100 3.14 "Red Sky at Morning" Top 5

The start to this season of The 100 felt rocky, but in this week’s episode “Nevermore”, the 100 circled back to its roots in telling the stories of the original delinquents (a la Season 1), and it was without a doubt my favourite episode of season 3 so far. The episode showcased the key elements of The 100 that I love: the original delinquents working together, hard decisions and heartfelt moments. Let’s dig in. 01. “That brilliant mind of hers” Where to begin, I have not made a secret of my…

The 100 3×10 “Fallen” Top 5

The 100 3x10 "Fallen" Top 5

In this week’s episode of  The 100 Jasper finds a purpose, Abby is coerced and makes a tough decision and Jackson is creepy. Here’s my  The 100 3×10 “Fallen” Top 5. The Insurgency I enjoyed seeing “The Insurgency” group breakaway from Arcadia. This entire episode felt like watching a good episode from Season 1 of The 100. So far this season it feels like the characters have been all over the place and it was good to see them working together again. Even if working together is tension filled. Jasper Jordan…

The 100 3×08 “Terms & Conditions” Top 5

Well that was anti climatic. After last weeks jaw dropping, shocking and jam packed episode I went in to watch the episode fully expecting to be watching the grounders, Clarke and Arcadia deal with the fallout of Lexa’s death. However, that was not the case and all in all I thought this episode was a little boring. Despite finding the episode a little boring there were still some strong points. So without further ado: The 100 3×08 “Terms & Conditions” Top 5. Bellamy Blake The character regression of Bellamy Blake since the…

The 100 “Wanheda Part 2” Top 5

With Season 3 of The 100 off to a flying start the second episode of the season entitled Wanheda Part 2 kept up the action packed pace. Here’s my top 5 moments from the episode. 1. Lincoln Lincoln is peace and loyalty personified. Despite his history surrounding Mount Weather he willingly put Nyko’s needs above his own so he could save Nyko’s life. Lincoln wants to different, he understands the place of War but he desires peace. He’s the perfect diplomat. He’s not 100% grounder and he’s not 100% Skicru.…