Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5

Arrow 4.22 "Lost in the Flood" Top 5

With only one episode of Season 4 left, ‘Lost in the Flood’ was a Smoak family affair that brough a smile to my face. Yet as Damian Darhk’s plans unfold, I can’t help but wonder, is it all working? Here is: Arrow 4.22 ‘Lost in the Flood’ Top 5. Spoilers ahead.

Blindspot 1×10 “Evil Handmade Instrument” Review

The heartbreaking end of last week’s episode of Blindspot “Authentic Flirt” left us all wondering how Patterson and the team were going to handle the loss of David, and who the mysterious redheaded lady was. Throughout the show we’ve been left with a lot of questions and most of those questions have been left unanswered, it feels like every time a piece of the mystery is untangled something comes along and makes it all knotty again. Jane is doing her utmost to gain some answers about anything and everything but…