Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5

With a new viillian in twon things on this season of arrow have started to heat. up. Here’s Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5. Quentin Lance What I enjoyed most about this episode was the dynamic between Thea + Quentin. They have both experienced a great deal of loss in their lives, and they have shared many of those losses. Their dynamic has changed dramatically, although certainly for the better, since the beginning of the show, and it has quickly become one of my favourite elements of the season. In this…

Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

On this episode of Arrow, we discover more about the new big bad in town, Oliver’s past continues to haunt him and Quentin continues to struggle. Here is my Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5. Original Team Arrow I loved the focus on the Original Team Arrow at the beginning of the episode. It proves what many (including myself) have been saying from the beginning – that Arrow is at its best when it focuses on the original three members of Team Arrow: Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. These three are the…

Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5

Arrow 4.21 "Monument Point" Top 5

This episode of Arrow was the first part of what’s shaping up to be an explosive three-part finale. However, the episode overall was a bit of a mess. With multiple characters returning at the bidding of Darhk, there was too much going on and not enough focus on what’s important. Here’s my Arrow 4.21 ‘Monument Point’ Top 5.

Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5

With strong parallels to late Season 2, this week Arrow delivered a strong episode with an intriguing Shaman, a dilemma for Diggle and a complex mission for the team of Arrow. Here is my Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5.

Arrow 4.07 “Brotherhood” Review

Anyone who watched tonight’s episode of Arrow can see why this one needed to be directed by the show’s head stunt coordinator, ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford. The action in ‘Brotherhood’ tonight was on point! Couple that with a stunning performance by David Ramsey and you’ve got yourself a pretty fun episode! Being so close to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve seen many of our shows move to the family themes this week, and Arrow was no exception. Dealing with both the ties with Andy, and his brotherhood with Oliver, Diggle was certainly…

Arrow 4.04 “Beyond Redemption” Review

This week on Arrow, Oliver’s run for mayor takes center stage after being completely glossed over last week. Not only is Oliver scouting out campaign headquarters, but he’s also built a brand new Arrow Cave underneath the office building, complete with all of the bells and whistles you would want in a secret lair for vigilante justice. Felicity seems to have had a big hand in all of the set up, making sure all of the tech is state of the art- even if the entire system is a bit…

Arrow 4.01 ‘Green Arrow’ Review

Goodbye Batman, hello Green Arrow! After three seasons of seeing Oliver Queen play the caped crusader (sans cape, and plus hood, and a few shades of green), I can’t express how exciting it was to see the Green Arrow finally born. This episode exploded us back into the world of Star City.   Oliver and Felicity’s domestic bliss only lasted about 15 minutes, thank god. I thought the writers made an important move with it being Felicity who was so ready to get back into the superhero lifestyle, which we later…