Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5

Arrow 4.20 "Genesis" Top 5

With strong parallels to late Season 2, this week Arrow delivered a strong episode with an intriguing Shaman, a dilemma for Diggle and a complex mission for the team of Arrow. Here is my Arrow 4.20 “Genesis” Top 5.

The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5

The 100 3.13 "Join Or Die" Top 5

This week on The 100 we were delivered a gritty, revealing and intriguing episode from powerhouse team Shawna and Julie Benson that made me a feel a little nostalgic (all the innocent 100). In Join or Die: Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Jasper headed to the ocean in search of Luna, and ALIE wrecked havoc in Polis. Here is The 100 3.13 “Join or Die” Top 5. Our real enemy is out there Murphy made an incredibly important point: The enemy of the enemy is my friend. If the grounders and…